What is Critic at Large?

This newsletter is a weekly look at cultural creations — literature, art, film, music, etc. — old and new. Each week I examine a particular work and discuss its artistic and creative value. My aim with each post is to illuminate cultural works, especially ancient and/or obscure creations, worth experiencing.

About me

I am an independent researcher and author. I am also a Ph.D. student in English Language, Writing, and Rhetoric at the University of Maryland, where my research focuses on the rhetoric of extreme trauma. I was formerly a Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland.

Before writing full-time, I was the Executive Director of World 50 Labs, the member-innovation team at World 50, Inc. Before World 50, I was a Principal in Ernst & Young’s Advisory Practice and, earlier, a Managing Director at Accenture.

About my work

You can read more about my publications here.

About the images

All essay images are from Unsplash+ and are used with permission.


All CaL posts are edited by my former teacher, and now friend, James A. Arieti, PhD. Jim’s learned and sensitive critiques improve everything I have written on this site and elsewhere.

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Carlos A. Alvarenga is an independent researcher, writer, and coach. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Language, Writing, and Rhetoric at the University of Maryland.