Carlos, my heart breaks for you and your family. My son Jaidon died with Anne’s daughter Camille last year in an accident. Losing a child is by far the hardest thing we have ever endured. Please know you are now alone. This is an awful club to be thrust into but there are some amazing people in it.

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Dear Carlos,

I am overwhelmed with shock, sadness, grief. My heart goes to you and your family. No words can offer comfort or console.

Enzo’s words are so pure and gentle, so sharply contrasting w the evil and tragic reality that engulfed. I pray that the beauty and love that Enzo brought to your life will continue to pierce through this deeply dark time and give you the strength to continue the life he’d want you to have.

My deepest condolences to you and your family.


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Carlos, I have not met you. I met your wife, Dima, on Monday. My daughter, Camille, like Enzo, was smart, talented and gone one day in a car accident. I recognize in your words all of the similar feeling my husband, Pierre, and I felt just after Camille's death. Work your plow...it is all you can do at this point until you determine what grows in your new field. It will likely be a new field; I don't believe that field will ever look the same. Yet the new field can be whatever you decide to make it.

- Anne Gagne

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Oct 17, 2022·edited Oct 17, 2022

Dear Carlos, it is a heart wrenching tribute and the most beautiful meditation on the pain of losing a child I have ever read. After our conversation today my heart is still aching, and everything seems meaningless in front of the enormity of this loss.

Now, I am overwhelmed with the master class on sublimation ot pain you are giving to us. Only old Japanese poetry may show some glimpses to compare, but yours is an exquisite poem that teaches me the value of each single moment we are alive, in love, in pain or in happiness.

I pray to my God for you to achieve peace and happiness again 🙏 my dear friend.

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Dear Carlos,

I am deeply saddened by the news of the loss of your son. I offer my deepest condolences to the whole family and pray to the Lord to give you strength to cope up with the loss and to able to pass through this difficult time.



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Dearest Carlos,

I woke up at 2 am seeing your what’s app message and read the post and experienced emotional shock and grief in the wake of a traumatic event that happened. I had to read and repeat reading it again and again to comprehend what really was happening - I am shattered when I learnt about Enjo’s accident.

It is very heartbreaking to know that this bicycle accident took away the most special one from your life.

I know you are not a true atheist– because atheist may have no ear for music, or they may have never been in love or loved so I always believe you are more a naturalist because you are a one of nicest frineds that I have and I strongly believe that Belief will open the door, faith will help you see the light and God will give you all the strength to conquer these painful times

I recognize in your post, all of the similar feelings I felt during the loss of people close . I remember crying profusely when I lost my dad several years ago and later I cried when two of my friends lost their dad’s in south India few years ago. I again cried profusely when I lost a dear one in Ukraine few months ago and for the 5th time in my remembrance, I cried today seeing your post for the loss of Enjo.

After seeing you online, I wanted to call you spontaneously. But I know I cannot handle the emotional weight of phone call and will end up crying and prickle your emotions too and hence decided to call later and for now sending my apologizes for not calling and

I truly understand your emotions, your feelings at present but I know that you are a very strong person. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy in these difficult times.

Though Enjo is not here with us any more but Enjo will always be there when we will walk down the memory lane.

Through this message, I offer my deepest condolences for the loss of your greatest loss. Your son was a great kid , great poet, he was smart, caring, lovable and talented. Enjo is a person of superb etiquette with very high emotional intelligence and he knew how to support his younger brother in a very nice way when his younger brother was not in a comfortable scenario. I personally seen this in our dinner at baboo’s in London when he was sitting besides you and Dima. Enjo is there up in Heaven looking down upon all of us. I pray to Lord to offer you strength to cope with the loss.

Here is a short poem in the fond memory of Enjoy.

„ I only have a picture in mind now, A frozen piece of time,

To remind me of how it was, when Enjo was at Babbo’s making jokes and laughing with us all.

I still see his smiling eyes and his lovely face.

How much you miss Enjo being here, I really cannot comprehend or say. I know the ache is deep inside your heart and never goes away.

I hear it mentioned often that time will heal the pain,

But if I'm being honest, I hope it will remain.

The bond between you and your son was so strong, and this will never fade.

You will need to feel him constantly, To get you through the day.

I know you loved Enjo so very much.

The angels came and took him - This really wasn't fair.

I am sure Enjo is watching from above, At the daily tasks you do,

And let there be no doubt at all, We all really do love him. “

i only hope this gives you more strength to face the current state.

Speak to you soon… dear buddy.

Regards, Vetri

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Did not read anything similar in describing this very sad experienve.As you said nobody will escape the death but some deaths are extremely painful..we will not be the same people after this ,the scar will stay but life goes on..wish you the best.

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