I read your essays, almost always with recognition that I've pondered similar ideas. When Camille first died, I heard from professionals that everyone's path through grief is different. After meeting others grieving the death of a child and reading your essays, I no longer believe that. Our conclusions may vary, but our thoughts and questions are very similar.

For this essay, I do agree with your conclusion. I remember my surviving daughter once shared that a professional told her she would likely find religion at this terrible time in her life. She didn't. Yet I agree with you that there is great solace in religion. For those of us without it, we grieve without those supporting arms of religion.

Again I nodded my head regarding your lack of a need to explain the loss. I too have never felt that need - for the same reason as yours. For me, Camille's loss just happened. There is no explanation for this tragedy. It just irretrievably happened one very, very bad day.

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